Vancouver Teachers Get Death Threats Over Gay Inclusive Policy

En estos días me encuentro algo sensible frente a las discusiones en torno a nuestro sistema de educación. Hace unos minutos me inspiraba una campaña en Vancouver y hace apenas segundos sentí una puñalada en el pecho. Les dejo con la experiencia de una escuela combativa entre filas de libros sagrados…

 ” School staff in Vancouverare being sent death threats after the local school board passed a controversial anti-bullying policy. The letters are illustrated with hand-drawn knives:

“You want to destroy our children! You are our enemy! You will be shot!” reads one typed letter, embellished with drawings of knives dripping with blood.

The Burnaby School District in Vancouver’s policy is intended to combat discrimination against LGBT students, but has been criticized by some parents for insufficient consultation and lack of transparency. A group called Burnaby Parents Voice (BPV) has picketed school board meetings on the policy. Some protesters have had Bible verses written on placards, while others have waved signs with sayings like “Respect Parental Rights.”

“I like my kids to be brought up in the natural way,” one protester told CTV British Columbia.

BPV has accused the Burnaby School Board of trying to indoctrinate youth into becoming gay. A local conservative online radio host, Kari Simpson, filed a complaint against the anti-homophobia program in September, alleging it is “designed to dupe parents and introduce children into homosexist politics and pornography.” Vancouver Police Department spokesperson Lindsey Houghton told Xtra that an investigation into the complaint revealed “no evidence or anything to suggest that there is anything criminal going on.”

Para el reportaje completo accedan a:


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