Bell Nuntita: Transgender Singer on Thailand’s Got Talent
March 26, 2011, 5:20 am
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Transgender singer Bell Nuntita wowed the judges and audience alike with a beautiful singing voice that transformed into a masculine bass. Think American Idol meets The Crying Game. Or something like that. The video is a must-see.

The judges agreed that Bell Nuntita crushed it and will move on to the next round. One of the judges said that he suspected that Bell was a dude, but, when she started singing, he thought he was wrong… until Bell Nuntita switched to the male voice.

In the post-audition interview (English subtitles), Bell Nuntita said, “They’d always made fun of me, called me ‘fag’, ‘drag queen’, but what could I possibly do? And my dad never accepted [me] for what I am. The worst, he once beat me badly. He tried to beat me until I quit being gay. I want to tell my dad that I love him, and that I made finally it now.”

Some blogs are calling Bell Nuntita “Thailand’s Susan Boyle”, though how a young male could be compared to Susan Boyle is an open question. Both are early-season breakout successes, but there the similarity ends.

This was the second episode of the inaugural season of Thailand’s Got Talent. Jordan Yerman for


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Aqui tienes el videito de STAND UP for homophobic Bullying…

Comment by Franceliz Sanabria

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