“i’m a role model for some kids, not all children are the same” -Johnny Weir
February 2, 2011, 3:49 am
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Les comparto un extracto de una entrevista al esquisito patinador sobre hielo Johnny Weir, conducida por Sarah Prickett para, en la cual este nos confiesa ser victima de acoso y nos brinda palabras de aliento con su distintivo buen sentido de humor.

“You don’t talk about your sexuality, but you are a role model for gay teens, or teens who don’t feel like everyone else, who are so-called freaks in their small town high schools. And as that role model, how do you feel about the recent persecution of, and the suicides of, gay teens?

I don’t feel myself as a preacher for anyone aside from people that feel a little bit different and feel unique and feel that they want to express themselves. I’m from a tiny, tiny village in the middle of Pennsylvania… that was literally 99.86 per cent Christian Caucasians. And Amish. To come from there, and be what I am today, it’s—it’s not an easy road. I’ve been bullied nearly every day of my life. Today, how many times was I called ma’am today? I think four times today. Or, you know, constantly being called “faggot” in school. It’s awful. But those things make you stronger. It’s so distressing to see what’s actually happening with these kids that feel so alone and so weak and it’s so sad and I mean, I can relate in a way that I’ve been bullied. I’ve never been hit or beat up. Friends of mine have—have been dragged behind trucks. I am aware of what’s going in the world. But suicide is never the answer. If you want to send a message, live. And live the way that you want to live. And let that be your statement to the world. You have to be strong. Suicide is an easy way out of a problem.

That’s why I’ve always taken a stance, saying, I don’t want to qualify myself as being different, because I’m the same as you. Let me live. Let me special. Let me be unique. And I’ll let you.

Even as a role model for this group, I haven’t publicly said that I’m, you know, I’m one of you. And my whole point of that is: accept me for being Johnny Weir, don’t accept me for being anything else. I want other kids, whether you’re Randy Smith or Tina from some little town somewhere, I want you to own that and be proud of that and everything else will fall into place.”


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Guao, no conocía de él. Buen post. bellas palabras, historia de lucha.

Comment by YaRa

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